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"Needs Daily is a unit of Gurpreet Singh. A brand for the independent minds, the kind hearts & the nomadic souls."

As a men & women’s wear Fashion and Lifestyle brand, we deal in clothing, footwear, Sanitery Pad & other accessories. We are proud to say that a majority of all these merchandise are made in India.

With a very particular intention in mind, Needs Daily, brings worldwide attraction with most advantageous aesthetics to your domestic and wardrobe. Needs Daily launches a new series nearly each month, in preserving with the speedy tempo of this enterprise and getting rid of the boundaries of seasonal fashion. The company has its own identity which is about being organic, rooted and cutting-edge bohemian in its approach. We are aware of the issues of our customers and are offering them with a platform which is straightforward and trend that is physique friendly. With every product we narrate an untold story that our patron can relate to and hence, build a connect with the brand. Needs Daily is a fresh smash from the monotony of this industry and it is increasing its horizon a little extra everyday to become the remaining tool of self-expression.

We attempt on organising a relationship with every patron and, in turn, construct a community... A community of independent, mature and free spirited humans who are nonconformists and driven individuals. Through a seamless internet site and trip rich stores, Needs Daily plans to convey collectively and nurture this community and domesticate a contemporary bohemian way of life.

Customer First

We take the adage Customer is King seriously. Value to customer and customer delight dictate our service delivery mechanism.

Our Mission

Achieve organisational success by providing customer value through our unique delivery model by leveraging core competencies through a highly motivated

Our Team

Teamwork and diversity define our employment philosophy, providing outstanding growth opportunities for our employees and associates.

Commitment to Excellence

Needs Daily conforms to highest standards of excellence in delivery capabilities and complies with best-in-class quality practices service delivery.